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What makes Coloplast special is our willingness to listen to the people who use our products, and act on what we learn. By listening, we gain a better understanding of the challenges healthcare professionals face when caring for wounds, and of new ways to improve quality of life for patients living with wounds.

This knowledge inspires the intelligent design of our products. By combining advanced healing technology with user-friendliness we promote optimal conditions for keeping skin healthy and helping wounds heal. Our award-winning design is supported by clinical evidence.

We recognise that caring for wounds and skin can be a complex and uncertain process. So we dedicate ourselves to sharing deeper knowledge and guidance through our internationally endorsed education programmes with the goal of raising the global standard of care. The guidance and tools we provide are practical and intuitive, enabling healthcare professionals to efficiently and confidently manage wounds and skin complications.

Through closer collaboration with healthcare professionals we build long-lasting and rewarding partnerships. As a present and competent partner, we tailor solutions to be sensitive to individual needs, and optimise treatment programmes with the aim of increasing both the effectiveness of care and the certainty of successful outcomes.

Together, we are united by a shared purpose and passion to achieve Fewer days with wounds.


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