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Coloplast Care is designed to help our users by providing tools, support and access to information in their transition. Coloplast care is now implemented in 14 countries and around 7000 new ostomates enrol for this service every month worldwide.

Coloplast Care

- Supporting people living with  a Stoma, by providing personalised support...


After you have enrolled in the programme, a Coloplast Care appliance specialist will contact you to set up regular and personalised support and offer solutions and answers to practical problems to living with a stoma



Coloplast Care appliance specialist are specifically trained to assist people like you, who have undergone stoma surgery and are using Coloplast appliances. You will be able to discuss any concerns or questions discretely with our trained call centre.



Listening and responding is part of our mission. Our objective is to improve the quality of life of people living with a stoma, offering support and answers to all your questions about the best way to use the devices as part of your daily life. Of course, when necessary, we will refer you to a healthcare provider




We will send you news letter on various issues that are pertinent to people living with a stoma. These newsletters are succinct and easy to read and understand. This enables you to make informed decisions on how to best manage your condition

From Coloplast Care Team & Marketing department

Coloplast Care® Programme

Coloplast Care® Programme

Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs More on Coloplast Care

Coloplast Care®

From the coloplast Care Team & Marketing Department


Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs is the Coloplast mission and after launching Coloplast Care (a free service) in June 2013, we feel we are "walking the talk"


We have touched the lives of more than 1300 new and existing people living with an ostomy via our call centre since the launch, with the number growing monthly. Feedback suggests that this service certainly makes a difference to the users of our products following discharge from hopsitla. Mostly, new users are faced with having to cope with this life changing  experience in the "less secure environment" of the home and without the expertise of the healthcare professional.

Now they have the peace of mind that the support from a Coloplast Care appliance specialist is only a phone call away.


In recent study conducted in Korea, 88%  of new ostomates interviewed and who had enrolled in Coloplast Care, expresed an increaed an level of confidence in managingthei stoma following as opposed to only 45.7% who enrolled in Coloplast Care Service. This is clear evidence that a community support service (like ColoplastCre) extends the services of the hospital based ET nurse and facilitates the challenges experienced during the initial turbulent times post discharge.


In an under-resourced and over-burdened healthcare environment we at Coloplast believ that through partnering with hopsitals, he;athcare professionla and payes, We develop services and solutions that will only improve the quality of care for the ostomy community of South Africa.


From the Coloplast Care Team & Dave Dudley (Marketing Manager)

Knowing your body

Knowing your body

When do I need to call my WOC Nurse? Read more here

When to call the Stoma Care Nurse

When do I need to call my WOC Nurse?

Call your nurse if you experience:

• A change in the size or appearance of your stoma that causes discomfort or presents problems with your pouch
• A skin rash or red, open skin
• Frequent leaking
• A weight loss or gain that causes problems with your pouching system

Are you travelling?

Are you travelling?

How can I be prepared when I'm away from home? Read more about this

Travelling Tips

How can I be prepared when I'm away from home?


When you're away from home, even for a short time, it's a good idea to carry an extra pouching system and plastic storage bags for odor control.  Leakage shouldn't happen, but if it does you will want to be prepared.  Do not leave your extra supplies in your car, since summer heat and winter cold can alter the barrier's adhesive. 


When travelling by plane, train or bus, remember to carry your supplies with you.  This will avoid problems if your baggage is lost or delayed. 


Coloplast Care - Watch the video

If you have any questions regarding stoma care, product usage and availability please contact your Coloplast Consumer Care Specialist at 0861 61 2273 / 0861 61 CARE


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