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Coloplast Care is a support programme that evolves over time to meet your changing needs. The programme is free, and you can call us at any time to find out more. 

Coloplast Care supports a healthy lifestyle through simple, straight-forward information. We offer a helping hand whenever you need support – and we give you the tips and tools you need to take control of manage your intimate healthcare needs. Coloplast Care lets you focus on being you again.

Once you are connected with a Coloplast Care Specialist they can support you on whatever product, supply, or lifestyle related issues you might have. Our Care Specialists are carefully trained to advise people using stoma and continence products. Listening and responding is the core of our business, and like you, our aspiration is to enable you to get on with your life - because we CARE.

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Information from Coloplast® Care is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice and should not be interpreted to contain treatment recommendations.

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