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Privacy Statement:

This Privacy Statement tells you what the information you supply will be used for, and what you agree to by providing personal information. Coloplast respects the privacy of personal information and will protect the confidentiality of the input you provide in this form. 

We may contact you

You may be contacted by Coloplast or one of our agents – i.e. group companies, contractors, suppliers or service providers – by phone, email, letter, or other means of communication, but only for the purposes indicated above. In such cases, Coloplast ensures that the agent complies with relevant privacy legislation as well as the conditions specified in this Privacy Statement.

What you agree to

By submitting your personal information, you consent to us storing and using this information to: • keep you updated on new Coloplast products and services,• to process your orders,• contact you by email, ordinary mail and/or phone to clarify your sample requirements. Please note that such phone calls may be recorded,• general administrative and record-keeping purposes.

How to end communication and data storing

If you no longer wish to receive communication from Coloplast – or if you want us to delete your personal data – please contact Coloplast’s local Consumer Service by email, specifying your wish to discontinue all communication. 



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