In-Ka® high pressure nephrostomy ballon catheters

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Product description


For single step percutaneous dilatation



Effective and uniform dilatation of the nephrostomy tract



  • Atraumatic method which avoids repeated advance and withdrawal of metal dilators
  • The PET balloon allows an inflation pressure up to 17 ATM for an effective and uniform dilatation of the tissues
  • The radiopaque ring ensures perfect control of the balloon advancement and placement
  • The short tapered tip allows dilatation of the parenchyma without damaging the pyelocaliceal cavities.
  • The inflation device allows a precise control of the pressure

Supplied with an Amplatz sheath (30 Ch/Fr)
Individually packaged • Sterile


Product variants

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Product variants

Product name Item number Amplatz sheath inner diameter Balloon CH Catheter CH Product variant comment Units in package
Inflating device - Screw type syringe with manometer - Balloon length 12 cm BD3020 30 CH 30 7 Inflating device - Screw type syringe with manometer - Balloon length 12 cm 1

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Amplatz Sheaths

Amplatz Sheaths

Percutaneous tract creation

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