Alterna® 1-piece Drainage

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Product description

Alterna 1-piece Drainage is a specially developed solution for passive drainage, such as wound drainage.

Available as a clear pouch, it combines the Alterna spiral adhesive with a range of features enabling optimum drainage.

Optimal drainage

  • Volume indicator - for easy monitoring of drainage fluid
  • Anti-reflux valve - prevents fluid from contacting the skin or wound
  • Large, soft outlet - for easy drainage, and connects easily to different night bags

Spiral adhesive, for security and skin friendliness

The Alterna spiral adhesive is a combination of materials designed for security and protection in a spiral-structure, for: 

  • Secure adherence to your skin
  • Absorption of moisture from your skin - providing skin friendliness and protection from irritation

Product variants

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Product variants

Product name Item number Pouch size Product variant comment Units in package Volume
Assura® 1-piece Drainage 022150 Midi sterile 10 300 ml
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